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ECA is now accepting application for fall enrollment. Click on the more info link below or contact the school office (334-272-3882) to get more information on enrollment.

ECA Faith

We believe and teach the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Bible is the foundation for the education of our children. We believe and teach that the Bible, both the Old and New Testaments, is the inspired, the only infallible, authoritative, inherent Word of God.

ECA Academics

ECA offers a challenging Christian education for students in Kindergarten 4 through twelfth grade. Evangel Christian Academy is fully accredited and exists to be an extension of the Christian family in training and developing their Christian student(s) for life.

ECA Athletics

The ECA sports program consists of competitive varsity/junior varsity boys and girls basketball, football, girls volleyball, boys baseball, girls fast pitch softball, varsity track, and cheerleading. Studen

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Providing a Christian Education for Christian Families

School Phone: 334-272-3882

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ECA has two full computer labs, one for elementary and one for high school. By providing two separate computer labs all grades have an opportunity to use the computers for grade appropriate projects and class instruction.

In the computer lab, students in Grades K – 6 have time each week for class instruction, research projects, AR quizzes, and internet usage. All computers in the lab have access to the Library OPAC system allowing them to research books they may need. They are also taught the proper usage of the internet and the affects the Internet has on our lives today. Additional computer lab time is scheduled as needed to complete various projects.

Students in Grades 7 – 12 have access to the Library and Computer Lab every day for research projects, internet usage, and class instruction. Currently we have one yearbook class and one graphic design class where students put their creative minds to work in creating their own yearbook. They are also responsible for helping teachers throughout the school with various projects that require computer usage. Students in the yearbook, graphic design, and Applications courses are also exposed to many new and innovative programs that allow their expertise to grow in the area of graphics, video, and desktop publishing. Adobe Design Standards, Photo Shop, INdesign, and Illustrator are some of the programs used to accomplish this goal.

In addition to the computer labs each teacher at ECA has a laptop assigned to them to help with parent and teacher communication, class room preparation, and class room instruction.

ECA has added smart boards to select classrooms during the 2012-2013 school year. Future plans are to continue expanding the use of smart boards and completing the installation of smart boards in each classroom.

ECA continues to evaluate the use of technology not only in the school but in the business environment to help prepare our students for a technology driven world.

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