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Open Enrollment

ECA is now accepting application for fall enrollment. Click on the more info link below or contact the school office (334-272-3882) to get more information on enrollment.

ECA Faith

We believe and teach the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Bible is the foundation for the education of our children. We believe and teach that the Bible, both the Old and New Testaments, is the inspired, the only infallible, authoritative, inherent Word of God.

ECA Academics

ECA offers a challenging Christian education for students in Kindergarten 4 through twelfth grade. Evangel Christian Academy is fully accredited and exists to be an extension of the Christian family in training and developing their Christian student(s) for life.

ECA Athletics

The ECA sports program consists of competitive varsity/junior varsity boys and girls basketball, football, girls volleyball, boys baseball, girls fast pitch softball, varsity track, and cheerleading. Studen

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Providing a Christian Education for Christian Families

School Phone: 334-272-3882

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Homework Assignments

Believing that homework is an integral part of the school program, each teacher is at liberty to give homework to aid the students to advance in their studies. The homework for each class can be found by using the links to the left or under the parent link at the top of each page. Homework is posted on Friday for the upcoming week. The current week's homework and the previous week's homework will be listed. If the class or subject does not have homework listed you can click on the teachers name to contact them about homework. Just because homework is not listed does not mean your student does not have homework.

ECA Homework Guidelines

Children in elementary grades will not be given more than one hour of homework a night, based on a majority of the students being able to accomplish this work in an hour. No homework will be given on Wednesday nights, in order that families may attend their church service. No tests, other than regularly scheduled spelling or math tests, will be given on Thursday in Elementary. Grades 7 – 12 may have one test on Thursday when needed. We will make every effort to have no more than two major tests in one day, however there may be unforeseen circumstances when more than two tests may be given in a day.

Parental cooperation is necessary in order to meet this responsibility. Failure to complete homework will affect the student's daily grade. Homework is given for several reasons:

  1. Reinforcement: We believe that most students require adequate review to master material essential to their educational process.
  2. Practice: Following classroom explanation, illustration and review of new work, homework is given so that the material will be mastered.
  3. Remedial Activity: As instruction progresses, various weak points in a student's grasp of a subject may become evident. Homework following instruction is given to overcome such difficulties.
  4. Special Projects: Book reports, compositions, special research assignments and projects are some of the activities that are frequently used as homework assignments in certain areas of study. Those having specific due dates may be turned in early; however, work not turned in on the due date will result in a zero grade for the special project unless otherwise specified by the project guidelines. Unexcused absences will result in a zero on projects.



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