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Open Enrollment

ECA is now accepting application for fall enrollment. Click on the more info link below or contact the school office (334-272-3882) to get more information on enrollment.

ECA Faith

We believe and teach the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Bible is the foundation for the education of our children. We believe and teach that the Bible, both the Old and New Testaments, is the inspired, the only infallible, authoritative, inherent Word of God.

ECA Academics

ECA offers a challenging Christian education for students in Kindergarten 4 through twelfth grade. Evangel Christian Academy is fully accredited and exists to be an extension of the Christian family in training and developing their Christian student(s) for life.

ECA Athletics

The ECA sports program consists of competitive varsity/junior varsity boys and girls basketball, football, girls volleyball, boys baseball, girls fast pitch softball, varsity track, and cheerleading. Studen

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Providing a Christian Education for Christian Families

School Phone: 334-272-3882

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Elementary is made up of K4, K5 & 1st-6th Grades. All elementary classes are full accredited and the elementary school has it's own computer lab.


Students in K4-6th will receive packets each week with their class work, tests, and quizzes for parents to look over and return to school. Included in this packet is other important information from the teachers and office.

Report cards are issued for K4 – 6th grade at nine-week intervals. They will be distributed to parents through the ECA family email. When report cards are emailed you will also receive an acknowledgement in the weekly packet that needs to be signed by the parent/guardian and returned to the school. Progress reports will be sent home in the middle of the nine-week grading period so that parents can further monitor their child’s progress and work to overcome any deficiency before the nine-week grade becomes official.

Evangel Christian Academy utilizes the following standard for determining grades:

Numerical Score Letter Grade
90 – 100 A
80 – 89 B
70 – 79 C
60 – 69 D
0 – 59 F

Conduct grades will also be given according to the following standard:
E – Excellent
G – Good
S – Satisfactory
N – Needs Improvement
U – Unsatisfactory

Elementary Happenings

Elementary Happenings is a weekly information sheet that provides information about events and projects for the Elementary Classes. This weekly information is also sent home in the weekly packets. You can view the most current Elementary Happenings online.

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