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Evangel Christian Academy, a ministry of Evangel Church in Montgomery, Alabama, was established in 1995. ECA is a K-12 educational community committed to pursuing excellence for the glory of God. ECA...

ECA Faith

We believe and teach the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Bible is the foundation for the education of our children. We believe and teach that the Bible, both the Old and New Testaments, is the inspired, the only infallible, authoritative, inherent Word of God...

ECA Academics

ECA offers a challenging Christian education for students in Kindergarten 4 through twelfth grade. Evangel Christian Academy is fully accredited and exists to be an extension of the Christian family in training and developing their Christian student(s) for...

ECA Athletics

The ECA sports program consists of competitive varsity/junior varsity boys and girls basketball, football, girls volleyball, boys baseball, girls fast pitch softball, varsity track, and cheerleading. Students...

Welcome to Evangel ECA Faith ECA Acadmeics ECA Athletics
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Providing a Christian Education for Christian Families

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Important Upcoming Dates!

Items Needed - Drama department needs your help -    More Info...

Basketball Awards - AISA Basketball Awards Given to ECA Students   More Info...

April 17th - Annual Walk-A-Thon (1/2 Day of School) -    More Info...

April 18th - Good Friday - No School

2013-2014 School Calendar Available -    More Info...

Upcoming Play Performances

  • May 2, 2014 at 7:00 pm (Please Note the Date Change)
    When the lights come up on this two-act whodunit, the audience is aware that skullduggery has been at play--a pair of men's legs are found sticking out from under a table at Connie's Cup 'O Coffee Cafe. From the moment Connie discovers the supposed mayhem, an investigation is under way. At the appearance of Inspector Mildred McBride, all the regulars become suspects. McBride's skill comes into question when she enlists the help of the audience. Clues appear everywhere; even members of the audience become suspects, and a grand pandemonium leads to a surprising end.
    Tickets are $7 for adults/$5 for students. Drinks and dessert provided.
  • May 12, 2014 at 7:00 pm
    High in the mountains in the impenetrable Agape Fortress, General Agape has called the mighty Agape League together to solve a crisis in Suburbiana City! Calling on the super-powered fruits of the spirit available to every follower of Christ, these heroes must also face an enemy within their own ranks when Ironblade forgets his superhero identity and becomes entangled in the pervasive worldly culture. Things worsen when they learn that unless each member continues to exhibit their gifts, the entire group faces the same fate! Will the League recover their powers? Will the citizens of Suburbia City be saved? Will the source of true power – God’s Word – finally be utilized before time runs out?

Welcome to Evangel Christian Academy

Welcome to Evangel Christian Academy, a ministry of Evangel Church. Evangel Christian Academy is a private Christian school located in Montgomery, Alabama. Founded in 1995, ECA is a fully accredited K4 – 12th grade school. ECA recognizes the God-given responsibility for education of children rests with the parents. It is our goal at ECA to help our parents with that responsibility by offering skilled teachers who lovingly teach the children Christian based and academically sound curriculum, Bible training, and an emphasis on Christian behavior. Therefore ECA exists to be an extension of the Christian family in training and developing of Christian students for committed service to our Lord Jesus Christ. Evangel Christian Academy is dedicated to helping prepare our children academically, spiritually, emotionally; to be all that God wants them to be.

If you are already part of the Evangel Christian Academy family then welcome home. This site is designed to help the school better communicate with our parents and students. Please make sure to check the Important Upcoming Dates section on the home page, the School News section and the Homework section often. These areas of the site will be used to help communicate important information. The main page will also be where you can find out important information on weather closings and other urgent matters. As part of the ECA Family feel free to let us know what you think about the site. If you see a mistake or have a suggestion contact the webmaster.

If you are new to ECA or looking for more information we are pleased that you are considering ECA for your child. By being a part of Evangel Christian Academy, you can have the confidence that your child will be receiving a Godly, quality education. Evangel Christian Academy admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin. Evangel Christian Academy does reserve the right to not admit students who do not meet our spiritual requirements, or if we feel we are unable to meet their special educational needs. Please visit our About Us and Admission sections of the website for more detailed information.

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